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Parenting & Technology Confusion?

  • Do your children manage your technology or
    do you?

  • Are your pictures, videos, music and documents in more than 1 place?

  • Can you spy on your kids?

  • Do you know if your kids are online doing homework, social media or gaming?



Business & Technology Frustration?

  • Do you manage your technology or does technology manage you?

  • Could your business survive a hack?

  • Who has the keys to your kingdom?

  • Has your business transitioned from technology as a cost center to a profit center?


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Marty Heiser Show Interview - 14 min 8 sec

GPS Safety - 1 min 27 sec

Ubuntu - 2 min 56 sec

Mobile Multi-Tasking - 55 sec

Firefox - 2 min 35 sec

File Sorting - 2 min 8 sec

SCORE Trends - 1 hr.

Free Software - 1 hr.

Tech Security For Small Business - 50 min

SCORE Trends v2 - 1 hr.

5 Mobile App Types You Need - 1 hr.

Tech Trends - 1 hr.

What Tech Is Safe To Use Where. . . And When - 1 hr.

What Tech Is Safe To Use Where. . . And When - 1 hr.

DIY: Digital Imaging - 1 hr.

Bud Freund presents technology information to
parents, business owners and "children of all ages".


Sold-Out Workshop



"I am LOVING my new power!!!! Got biggest pushback from the daughter but fortunately she figured out the power shift & every request has been met with "OK, yes and thank you". Transformation in progress!!!! - Lisa M.

"If your computer is having any kind of problem, Bud is the guy to call. Even better, Bud is a pro-active troubleshooter who is always looking out for his clients. We have recommended him to colleagues who are also extremely impressed with his work." - Jan M.

"Got tech problems? Call Bud. He's terrific. He explains everything in plain English and never makes you feel stupid. That's a real skill because I AM tech stupid. - Matt B.

"Bud is a great it consultant and an amazing speaker. I have known and worked with him for several years and continue to be impressed." - Tom G.

"I met Bud several years ago and have retained him on several occasions to help develop and advance my technology platforms. I have found Bud to be honest, reliable and always on target for the most reliable and cost effective solutions. I would highly recommend Bud." - Harris M.

"It's so great to have someone who will come to your house to help you with computer glitches. Bud has come to my house several times and has helped us resolve our issues quickly and at a reasonable price." - Susan N.