FAQ: Who We Are

Ptotechfundraiser.com Mission Statement

PTO Tech Fundraiser has two goals.

  1. Help schools raise some money.
  2. Help parents raise their awareness about technology and in the process help schools to educate children.

Technology is part of our lives. We don't "leave it at work", and our children don't leave it at school. Therefore, the "old" expectation that "schools teach" and it's "not the parent's job" is over.

If parents do not work in partnership with schools to reinforce the practices and strategies, our children will not benefit and grow.

The world is changing, and we, as parents, must too.

This work has been reviewed by educators, technology professionals, legal professionals and parents.

It has been created with the best of intentions.

Every school needs two people to sign up. . . and both can review enrollment. Multiply by $10, and know what your PTO has raised.

So please sign up and check it out.

Ptotechfundraiser.com Privacy Policy

Any personal information we collect (Name, Address, School, email...etc.) is for internal purposes only. We do not share your information with any outside 3rd parties.

Ptotechfundraiser.com Return Policy

If you are not satisfied with the donation you have given to the school of your choice and the information provided on this website, please email us at ptotechfundraiser.com for a full refund.