Register Your School At No Cost

Schools. . . was established to help you with two things. . .
  1. Raise money. Have you ever heard a school say, "We're good."?
  2. Raise parent's awareness about the technologies their children are using.
To do this, we need you to register your school by providing the information requested below. We ask for two names to try and avoid "strange stuff" like, "That's not a school in our town.", or, "Oh that teacher left three years ago.".

Also, we will call to verify the information you provide and THEN we will enter your school in our database.

To encourage parents to participate, encourage them to print this certificate found at the end of the handbook, send it to school with their child and post it on a wall dedicated to the "contributors".

Payments. . .

We charge an annual fee of $20.00.

$10.00 goes to you, the school.

$10.00 covers our operating costs.

We will reset your parent database in August of every year, so you can run this fundraiser again next year. Since technology is always charging, there will always be new information.

Checks will go out to schools in January of each calendar year.

If you have questions, please contact us at. . .

Thanks for signing up.

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